kyve168exxtv80g86s50lh2fz7xxnpw52vjwzl7cwc7 KYVE testnet guide

What is the project about:
KYVE is a decentralized data archiving protocol. It is a next generation protocol that standardizes, validates and stores data streams.

The main problem of current blockchains is the ever-growing amount of information. And just such a problem is solved by the KYVE protocol.

Participation rules:
Paid testnet KYVE will be available for two months.

2% of the offer (20,000,000$KYVE) is dedicated to testnet rewards. Rewards will be distributed as follows:

Pool A rewards the top 5,000 on the leaderboard (5,000,000 $KYVE)
Pool B rewards the top 10,000 on the leaderboard (5,000,000 $KYVE)

To get started, go to the site and connect our wallet, it will automatically add the KYVE Korellia network.

Then go to the “Faucet” tab and request test tokens from all 3 resources (Twitter, Discord and spin the wheel of fortune)

Step 1
Go to the “Tasks” tab

Here we can make educational content, create memes or make an intro.

Step 2
Go to “Pools” and select any of the proposed networks

In the “Delegation” tab, select any validator and delegate our $KYVE tokens to it. We sign all transactions in the wallet.

Step 3
Go to the “Funders” tab and click “Become a funder”. Enter the desired amount and confirm.

Step 4
Check the “Governance” tab for open proposals and vote. (They rarely appear, you need to watch)

my wallet kyve168exxtv80g86s50lh2fz7xxnpw52vjwzl7cwc7



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